Cold Steel Spartan with StoneWash AUS-10A S

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Cold Steel Spartan with StoneWash AUS-10A S

This knife is awesome! If you are looking for the biggest ,baddest heavy duty tactical folding knife - you've found it!

Designed by Andrew Demko, the NEW 2015 Spartan is designed to echo the aesthetics and cutting performance of the world-renowned Kukri, with it's Kopis inspired handle, crafted to help resist the pull of centrifugal force and to provide an incredibly safe grip. 

Features a hollow ground blade and is now made from American BD1 Alloy Steel, injection moulded out of Griv-Ex polymer with heat treated steel liners for additional strength to give a whole new level of security and peace of mind. 

The patented Demko thumb plate can be used to open the knife like a conventional "one handed opener" or be snagged on the edge of a pocket during the draw stroke and opened automatically. 

Additionally, the Sparta features the Tri-Ad locking mechanism, which has proven when tested to be almost impervious to stress strain and shock, offering a huge margin of safety unseen in the industry.

Blade Steel: Aus-10A S
Colour: Black
Handle: Griv-Ex w/ Steel Liners
Cutting Edge: Plain
Opening System: Manual
Knife Type: Folding/Pocket
Locking Type: Tri-Ad lock
Carry System: Pocket Clip
Blade Length: 11.43 cm
Overall Length: 26.65 cm

- Steel Liners: Heat treated
- Ambidextrous Pocket / Belt Clip
- Weight: 5 oz.

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