Cold Steel FGX Ring Dagger with Serrated Blade

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Cold Steel FGX Ring Dagger with Serrated Blade

The FGX Ring Dagger is a clone of Cold Steel's Drop Forged Battle Ring II, in almost every respect except weight and price. Equipped with a sharp reinforced point, twin 'grip and rip' aggressive serrated edges and an integrated ring, offering up to eight versatile grip options to suit any self-defence situation. Part of the iconic FGX Nightshade Series, blades entirely manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic, Griv-Ex renown for UV and heat resistance, making them incredibly durable, light enough to be tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere, and impervious to the elements, perfect for concealed or storage both inside and outside of your house - from hedges and flowerpots, to the refrigerator or the shower!

Colour Black
Blade Length 7.65 cm
Overall Length 22.85 cm
Handle Griv-Ex
Edge Type Fully Serrated
Blade Type Spear Point Blade
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Weight 56.70 g


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