Cold Steel Delta Dart with Sheath

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Cold Steel Delta Dart with Sheath

The ideal, concealable EDC.

The Delta Dart features a comfortable handle design, knurled for a positive grip and the butt is smooth and rounded, so it is perfect for both thumb and palm reinforced positions. 

Designed from Zy-Ex which is a super tough material, when combined with the dart's sharp point and triangular cross section, accounts for it's phenomenal piercing power. 

Sheath: Neck w/Bead Chain Lanyard

Colour: Black
Blade Length: 8.6 cm
Overall Length: 20.6 cm
Handle: Zy-Ex
Blade Steel: Zy-Ex
Edge Type: Plain
Blade Type: Spear Point Blade
Carry System: Sheath
Knife Type: Neck Knife
Weight: 28.3g

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