Cold Steel Assegai Spear Short Shaft 3 Ft with Sheath

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Cold Steel Assegai Spear Short Shaft 3 Foot with Sheath

Cold Steel's revival of the legendary Zulu King Shaka Spear, that revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa in the early 1800s.

The 3 Foot Cold Steel Assegai Spear with a Short Shaft is designed for high performance thrusting. 

Like traditional spearheads, Cold Steel's are heat treated and then drawn to a tough spring temper. The concept is that the spear head should flex or bend under impact stresses rather than break or shatter. 

Blade Style: Spear Point 
Blade Grind: Flat 
Sheath: Secure-Ex

Handle: Ash
Overall Length: 91.4 cm

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