Cold Steel 5Ft .625 Magnum Blowgun w/Darts

R 1,195.00

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Cold Steel 5Ft .625 Magnum Blowgun w/Darts

Awesome fun for recreational shooting, with the potential for survival or hunting.

Big Bore Blowguns feature large caliber .625 Magnum barrels, make them capable of shooting darts that are faster and heavier than other models on the market today. 

An effective range out to 20 yards or more, and a skilled user can hit a two-inch circle at amazing distances and deliver a heavyweight dart capable of good penetrating. 

Available in 4 foot or 5 foot lengths, with optional extensions for extra accuracy and range. 

Five Foot Blowgun 

Kit Includes: 
Rubber Ferrule 
Dart Quiver 
Quiver Guard 

36 Darts: 
Stun: 12 pc 
Mini Broadhead: 12 pc 
Broadhead: 6 pc 
Bamboo: 6 pc

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