Boker Magnum Laito Training Sword

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Boker Magnum Laito Training Sword

The Mangum Iaito functional sword is suitable for fighting, it is very handy and a very quick weapon which may only be used by experienced hands. The extremely stable construction and the blade that has a long tang within the handle provide a high functional value. The blade is held in the handle by two mekugis. The handle has traditional winding and an underlay of ray skin and two menukis, all of an authentic fighting sword. The round tsuba has ornamental fretwork to ensure perfect balance. The blade is not sharpened! Highly suitable for demonstrations or katas.
  • 104,00 cm
  • 73,00 cm
  • 7,60 mm
  • 1050,00 g
  • Carbon Steel
  • Wood

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