Blackhawk Nylon Inside Pats Holster Large - Left

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Blackhawk Nylon Inside Pats Holster Large - Left

This lightweight Blackhawk holster is designed to ride inside the pants, making it easy to conceal under a shirt or jacket. It is made from a tough four-layer laminate material, which features an advanced moisture barrier that prevents sweat from damaging your weapon's finish. The outer layer is synthetic suede, with a textured surface that grips the inside of the pants for a stable fit. The smooth nylon interior reduces friction to prevent your weapon from dragging or snagging during the draw. Its belt clip fits standard-width belts, and can also be worn over the waistband and tucked behind the belt for greater concealment.

Item Specs

Fits: Revolver or automatic pistol
Low-profile concealable design
Synthetic suede shell provides friction against pants for secure fit
Smooth nylon lining reduces friction against draw
Laminate construction keeps water out of holster
Adjustable retention strap for security
Belt clip fits over pants or belt for convenient carry

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