Ballistol Pfeffer 40ML KO Jet Spray

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Ballistol Pfeffer 40ML KO Jet Spray

Ballistol Pepper Spray 40ml contains highly concentrated pepper concentrate Oleoresin Capsicum, which means the technical knock-out even for the most aggressive attacker. Pepper KO pepper spray – the ideal equipment for your self-protection. The 40 ml-aerosol is sufficient for a pack of wolves! Pepper KO pepper spray – Small in size, but smashing in action.

Pepper KO pepper spray does not only act as a ”natural mace” against aggressive dogs, but against other dangerous mammals, too. And of course, it is also the convincing non-lethal body guard against rioters and other criminals. But what counts in the case of self-defense is the result, not the permission. Pepper KO pepper spray is what you can rely on. The content of Pepper KO pepper spray is environmentally safe because it is biodegradable.

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