ASG Airgun Plastic BB 4.5mm 0.13g 1000pcs

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ASG Airgun Plastic BB 4.5mm 0.13g 1000pcs

ASG is a well-known name in the business of replica air guns, firearms, and also accessories. In fact, the leader in this business, ActionSportGames (ASG) manufactures premium quality replicas of CO2 guns, air guns, airsoft guns, and firearms. Moreover, they are specialized in 1:1 scale accessories and replica airsoft guns for entertainment, collections, fun activity and sports.

ASG’s headquarter is in Denmark and its subsidiaries are located in the UK, US, Sweden, and France. ASG is the proud innovative manufacturer of the brilliant CZ EV03 A1 AEG and they have also introduced a variety of different versions of airsoft guns in the market.

The main goal of ASG is to become top list supplier in the world of replica air guns and accessories all over the world. In fact, they have great customer care service. Currently, ASG is showing presence in more than 60 countries and also working as an international corporation.


New plastic BBs for 4.5mm airguns.
These innovative super lightweight BBs are safer to use, due to them hitting the target with much less kinetic energy. And even better is their low price, making shooting much more affordable.
Packaged in a sealed plastic container.

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