Artemis PR900S 5.5MM GEN-2 Regulated PCP

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Artemis PR900S 5.5MM GEN-2 Regulated PCP

When people consider PCP Air Rifle for outdoor shooting, they always think of PR900S-GEN2. It is a regulated PCP air rifle and its capable velocity is over 900 fps with dozens of effective shots. It is a new product though, people are familiar with it since it’s updated based on PR900W.

Caliber 5.5mm/.22
Muzzle Velocity with 18.13g Pellet 750 fps
Muzzle Energy with 18.13g Pellet 22.64 fp.lbs
Air Capacity 100 CC
Mag Capacity 7
Barrel Length 480 mm
Weight 2.27 kg

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