Army Style 1L Bottle with Fire Bucket and Olive Cover

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Army Style 1L Bottle with Fire Bucket and Olive Cover

Army Water Bottle With Cover Pouch & Fire Bucket

This is a tough, rugged Army Water Bottle which is ideal for outdoor activities.

The plastic canteen has an affixed cap (So you do not lose it)
The bottle can be carried in a pouch that can be attached to a belt or pack.
The outer pouch includes a smaller pocket to keep water purification tablets.
This set includes an aluminium “Fire-Bucket” or billycan that can be used for boiling water and cooking.
The Canteen nests inside the Fire-Bucket and they in-turn fit easily into the pouch.
The aluminium fire-bucket has two swivel handles to assist with when drinking. The fire-bucket capacity is about 450 ml.
The pouch is lined, either to insulate against freezing if kept dry, OR to cool the canteen if swetting.
The pouch is closed with 2 reinforced press studs and has a drain hole at the base.
Ideally suited for hiking, camping and patrolling.
This Water Bottle with Fire-Bucket and Pouch will also make a sensible addition to any BugOut or GetHome Bag.

Bottle Capacity: 1 Litre
Canteen Weight Empty: 110 grams
Fire-Bucket Weight Empty: 140 grams
Pouch only Weight: 100 grams

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