Ballistic Pepper Powder Defense Balls 0.68 Caliber - 10 Pack

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Ballistic Pepper Powder Defense Balls 0.68 Caliber - 10 Pack

Pepper Ball is a projectile weapon containing a certain amount of capsaicin powder. This type of ammunition can be used in any Semi - Auto 0.68 caliber Paintball Marker as a means of Non-Lethal Defense causing the assailants eyes to water and causing a severe bout of uncontrollable coughing once the ball is impacted near or on the body. 
(Not Recommended on Full Auto Types).

The Pepperball Ammo is the most potent on the market, combining kinetic impact, psychological shock, and sensory incapacitation to irritate and gain compliance. The pepperball is filled with a capsaicin preparation. 

Kinetic Impact
Kinetic impact refers to the impact of a projectile as a result of the force with which it is fired. Gas guns have a greater muzzle velocity to project the pepperball, and offer a longer-range, more user-friendly way to disperse the pepperballs. This also ensures that the pepperball hits – and stops – a target in his tracks. 

Psychological Shock
The psychological shock of hearing shots fired, combined with the kinetic impact of the pepperball projectiles, contributes to the effect of the pepperballs. 

Sensory incapacitation
By infiltrating the sensory system of an assailant, the capsaicin powder incapacitates an assailant for up to 20 minutes. For that period, an assailant’s lung capacity, breathing, and sight are severely compromised. 

The pepperball is also an irritant to the skin, nose and eyes. The physiological impact on an assailant includes coughing uncontrollably, an intense burning sensation in the eyes and on the skin, and, in some instances, vomiting. 

The combination of these three – kinetic impact, psychological shock and sensory incapacitation – effectively immobilises a suspect, allowing adequate time for the suspect to be apprehended.

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