550 Neon Orange 7strand Paracord 100ft

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550 Neon Orange 7strand Paracord 100ft

Paracord is one of the most versatile cords on the planet. It's high-tech materials and construction enables it to be smooth, lightweight, strong, and compact. With an incredible 550 lb tensile strength, paracord can easily perform tasks and jobs that other similar cords cannot.

One of the most important design features of paracord is the 7 inner strands of core. By pulling out the internal strands you can turn 50ft into hundreds of feet of usable cordage. All these features make it the perfect rope for daily carry, whether it's in your backpack, vehicle, garage, or on an apparel item. Ideal for making paracord keychains, knife lanyards, dog collars, survival bracelets and general utility.

All Atwood ropes are state of the art digitally tested to guarantee strength, quality and performance.

Diameter - 5/32"- 4 mm
7 Strand Core - 8 lines in 1
Tensile Strength - 550 lb./249 kg
Colour Will Not Run or Bleed
UV, Rot, Mildew Resistant
Made in the USA

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