4306A Blowpipe 30inch MK-100A-30

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4306A Blowpipe 30inch  MK-100A-30

The Man Kung MK-100A-30 blowgun is constructed in one piece with a total length of 80 cm. This makes this blowgun very compact compared to the other models. A target is mounted at the end of the pipe so you can aim accurately. It is also equipped with a darts holder so you always have your darts at hand. The nozzle of this blowgun is demountable, making it easy to clean.

Weight: 130 grams
Length: 79 cm
Accurate up to 10 meters
Inner diameter pipe: 10 mm
Outer diameter pipe: 13 mm
Color: black
Aluminium pipe
Including 12 Man Kung blowgun darts (colors may vary)

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