Johan is a lively adventurer that has a passion for the outdoors. He loves hunting, camping and extreme survival. Johan is our field marshal and safety officer when it comes to the shooting range and he is proficient when it comes to weapon handling and safety. He is the McGuyver of gadgets and he loves to put his skills to the test.

Johan has graduated from the BOSWA school of wilderness bushcraft and survival to become a qualified Survival Ranger and instructor as well as an outdoor gear expert. He has achieved numerous awards such as the Explorer award and Adventurer award and has completed his courses as a Bush Medic, Navigator, Advanced Survival, Solo Survival and Extreme Survival. He strives to help others achieve more and he is always ready for the next challenge or adventure.

Johan is your first choice when you need information about outdoor, hunting and camping gear. If you want to learn more about surviving in the African bush then speak to Johan.