Anton is an avid hunter and fisherman and he has harvested many animals and fish in the past decade, both in South Africa and in neighboring countries. He is proficient with Rifle and Bow and has competed at some SABA bow shooting competitions. Anton is the person to speak to regarding any of the rifles and ammo sold at BoysToys.


Anton was a fanatic rugby player, playing for the junior Blue Bulls and the Bokkies. He has toured the UK and has many stories about his adventures in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. He loves the sea and was a lifeguard in the Western Cape where he also undergone a three month survival coarse. He is an adrenaline junkie that loves cliff jumping, parachuting, free diving and bungy jumping. He has bungy jumped Bloukrans - the highest bungy jump in the world. He is a advanced  diver and has dived in many locations including the Maldives . If you are hooked to adrenaline adventures speak to Anton.

He studied towards his Credit Management degree at TUT and he is dedicated to the BoysToys brand with exceptional product knowledge and market trends.

Anton is also the reigning BoysToys champion of our annual BLOC competition.