Umarex Self-Defence Revolver T4E HDR 50 .50 Cal

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Umarex Self-Defence Revolver T4E HDR 50 .50 Cal

Sturdy home defence or training revolver with visible strengths - large calibre .50, enormous muzzle energy and an imposing appearance. The easy-to-load rotary cylinder magazine holds six .50-caliber projectiles that are fired at up to 11 joules.

Power is supplied by a CO2 cartridge located in the grip. A light blow at the bottom suffices to pierce it, thus loaded and ready to use. One capsule allows you to cast up to 50 shots at an even speed.

The textured frame surfaces give you a secure grip even in stress situations, and a trigger blade safety prevents accidental firing if you should ever drop the gun.

The Self-Defence Revolver T4E HDR 50 .50 Cal. revolver is appropriate for adults and those ages 16 and older with adult supervision. Strongly advise wearing protective glasses due to high muzzle energy projectiles. 

.50 Calibre Solid Nylon Balls/Pepper Balls
Powered: 12g CO2
6 Shot Cylinder Magazine Capacity
Safety: Trigger Blade Safety
Sights: Fixed Front and Rear
Integrated Weaver Rail
Max. Muzzle Velocity 440 f/s

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