Set your passion alight with Zippo

The tiresome week draws closer to an end, and while standing at your office parking lot, you can hear the roar of nature calling out for you; the sweet smell of the campfire passes you, and you know you are near. The outdoors is where you belong. It's your natural habitat, and there truly is no place as sweet as home.

But the week still drags on, Tuesday… Wed… Thurs… WAIT! Excitement suddenly creeps in when you reach into your pocket and feel the smooth skin of your favourite gadget, your Zippo lighter. An item that forever reminds you of who you are, an adventure hunter at heart. Now the week is starting to feel lighter, and the hours are starting to rush away as the promise of another weekend of adventure makes its way closer to you.

You're grateful for the sweet reminder your Zippo presents, that even in trying times, it makes sure to lift your spirits. You think of all the lives Zippo has lit up, the icon it has been in years passed and will continue to be in years to come.

You gently take it out, feel the polished, cold steel, and with a gentle flick of a finger, you see the flame that sets your days on fire. In that moment, you are reminded that this fire won't be easy to dim because of Zippo's windproof cap and refillable butane. Finally, your passions can stay alight until you decide to turn them off.

You smile, close it and softly say, "I love my Zippo," as you stroll back to your cubicle to conquer the rest of the day. Soon you will be one with nature, where you are destined to be.

The feeling that Zippo gives and the features of this great brand makes Zippo lighters so special and is why every adventurer needs a Zippo lighter as their outdoor adventure companion.

Need more convincing?...

Did you know that The Zippo metal lighter was first produced in 1930 by the Zippo Manufacturing Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania, in the United States? Since then, thousands of different styles and designs have been created in the eight decades since their introduction.

Since its introduction, zippo lighters have become a cultural icon, featured in more than 2000 movies and television shows. The famous Zippo' click' sound has been sampled on songs, and the lighters themselves have been featured on album covers, tattooed on rock stars' skin, and wielded in Rolling Stone photo shoots.

And there's more…

The brand's history of cool, trendy designs led to the establishment of a Zippo case museum in 1997, where collectors from all around the world enthusiastically buy the designs they love most and will suit any occasion.

In a world where most products are disposable or available with limited warranties, the Zippo pocket lighter remains backed by its famous lifetime guarantee. In more than 85 years, no one has ever spent a cent on the mechanical repair of a Zippo pocket lighter, regardless of the lighter's age or condition.

A Zippo lighter remains a global icon because of its durability and reliability. At Boys' Toys, we value products that stand the test of time. We test every product in our store to ensure you have only the best experience while enjoying your adventures and having fun. That's why we are the ideal store to get your Zippo lighter.

Here are our top 4 Zippo lighters:

Zippo 28129ZL Chameleon W/Zippo Lazered Lighter


Zippo 1935 Replica With Slashes


Zippo Solid Brass BR FIN


Zippo Big Five Buffalo Head



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